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1kW Solar System Price in Pakistan

1kw solar system price in Pakistan

1kW Solar System Price in Pakistan

Explore the cost-effective and environmentally friendly 1kW solar system price in Pakistan offered by Premier Energy. Ideal for homes and small businesses, these systems can help you significantly reduce power costs and contribute positively to the environment. Let’s delve into the details.

Financial Proposal for 1kW Solar System

Sr. No. System Description Per Watt Cost Total Cost (PKR)
1 1 kW 120 120,000

Technical Proposal for 1kW Solar System in Pakistan

Item Details Qty Price per Unit (PKR) Total (PKR)
PV Solar Panels / Jinko N Type Technology Grade Tier 1 PV (570 to 585 watts) 2 22,000 44,000
Inverter – Galaxy Pluto Inverter (dual output, dual PV) 1 KW 1 45,000 45,000
Installation Cost 1 8,000 8,000
Structure L 2 U Type 1 5,000 5,000
Protection – Complete DP Box (SPDS, AC/DC breakers, safety breakers, cable ties, pipe duct, thimbles, and other accessories) 1 8,000 8,000
DC Cables 6mm Coil (Imported, Flexible, Non-Flammable) 1 7,000/90 yards 7,000
Batteries 1 25,000 25,000

Payback Calculations for 1kW Solar System in Pakistan

Item Details
1 KW System Price (PKR) 120,000
Per Month Units Generation (KWH) 100 to 120 units (approximately)
Annual Return (Saving/System Price) 30%
Payback Period 3 Years

Understanding 1kW Solar System Price in Pakistan

A 1kW solar system is ideal for small homes and offices, providing substantial savings and environmental benefits. Over a 25-year lifespan, a 1kW system can produce 30,559 kWh of energy and save approximately 1,129,965 PKR, while reducing carbon emissions by 18.5 tons.

Types of 1kW Solar Systems

Premier Energy offers various types of 1kW solar systems:

1. On-Grid Solar System

These systems rely on the local grid for optimal performance and utilize net metering to credit consumers for surplus energy produced.

2. Off-Grid Solar System

Designed for independence from the grid, off-grid systems store energy in batteries, making them ideal for areas with frequent power outages.

3. Hybrid Solar System

Combining the benefits of both on-grid and off-grid systems, hybrid systems use both solar energy and grid power, with batteries for energy storage.

Appliances Supported by a 1kW Solar System

A 1kW solar system can power the following appliances:

  • Fans: 2
  • Lights: 4
  • Refrigerator: 1
  • LED TV: 1
  • Washing machine: 1

Top Solar Inverters in Pakistan

Choose from a range of top-quality solar inverters:

On-Grid Solar Inverters

  • Tranergy Solar Inverters
  • GOOD We Solar Inverters
  • Fronius Solar Inverters
  • Suntwin Solar Inverters
  • Solis Solar Inverters
  • ABB Solar Inverters
  • Infini Solar Inverters

Hybrid Solar Inverters

  • Infini Solar Inverters
  • GOODWE Solar Inverters

Off-Grid Solar Inverters

  • Expert Solar Inverters
  • Infini Solar Inverters

Why Choose Premier Energy for Your 1kW Solar System?

Premier Energy offers the most competitive prices and comprehensive after-sales service in Pakistan. Our systems come with a fantastic guarantee, ensuring your investment in solar energy is protected.

Specifications of a 1kW Solar Power System

  • Solar Panels: Canadian Solar / JA Solar / Longi Solar
  • Solar Inverters: Online Central Monitoring
  • Safety Equipment: Included
  • After Sales Service: 1 Year free of cost

Production Table

Description Value
Solar System Capacity (KW) 1
Annual Solar Unit Production (KWh) 1,460
Per Unit Charge (Off-peak) – (PKR) 55
Savings (PKR) 80,300
Payback Period 3 Years

Making the Best Residential Solar System Choice in Pakistan

Ensure you choose the right solar system for your home by consulting with Premier Energy. With our expertise and quality products, you can make a wise investment in solar power.

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