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Noor Muqaddam Case

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noor muqaddam case

Noor muqaddam case:

A key advancement has been made in Noor Muqaddam murder case as speculate Zahir Jaffer on Tuesday uncovered the purpose for homicide of Shaukat Mukadam’s girl Noor Mukadam in Islamabad.

Recording his assertion to police while clarifying the justification the homicide, Zahir Jaffar said that Noor Mukadam was deceiving him. “I halted her subsequent to thinking about her double-crossing yet she denied which drove me mad,” he added.

noor muqaddam case

The sources likewise kept up with that denounced Zahir Jaffer while admitting to the homicide said that treachery was deplorable for him, so he killed Noor Mukadam for disloyalty.

Sources additionally referenced that denounced Zahir Jaffar uncovered the purpose for homicide during his admission following five days of actual remand.

It was likewise revealed that the mother of the denounced and the safety officers shrouded the episode for 3 hours. “Noor Muqakam s life might have been saved if the mother or the safety officers had educated on schedule,” it added.


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